We are proud to guarantee our work by offering a three-year NO HASSLE, NO COST warranty on every job that we sell and install. We will not charge you for our technician’s time and there are no hidden costs or call-out fees. Garage Doors, garage door openers and even springs are all covered – for a full three years.

This is not an industry-standard warranty but as a family business serving our own local community we feel it’s the best way to show confidence in our top-of-the-line doors and MHIC licensed technicians.

The only limits to our warranty:

    • Products that have not had the proper maintenance. Your owner’s manual has instructions about this. Our warranty covers labor/installation issues not maintenance.
    • Accidental damage – including collisions.
    • Existing Products or products supplied to us by the customer.
    • Products that have been tampered with by a third-party.
    • Photo Eye adjustments are NOT considered a warranty issue.
    • Programming of remotes and keypads after initial installation. We have videos on our web site if you should need to reprogram your devices

PLEASE NOTE: If it is found that any of the above has taken place our current service charge will be applied

With this warranty you can rest assured that Mount Garage Doors Inc will continue working for you – and continue proving that “We’re Clearly Above the Rest”.