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Why wonít my garage door close?

There are a few reasons why a garage door will not close. The first possibility is that your photo eyes at the bottom of the garage door are out of alignment or something is blocking their reception. These sensors are in place as a safety device so that nothing is crushed under the door. This only affects the door closing. Usually the door starts to go down and then reverses or will not try to close at all. There are several ways to see if this has occurred. Please refer to our TROUBLESHOOTING page for quick help.

The second possibility is that the sensitivity has been thrown off on your garage door opener. Your door will start to go down a little or not at all or it will start to open and only go half way up. Several reasons for the sensitivity being off are constant use and inconsistency with the weather. Itís 55 degrees one day and then it is 30 the next. This is hard on garage door openers and springs! If you feel this is the problem a SERVICE CALL will be needed to adjust the problem.

Sometimes my garage door will start to go up and stop. It will also do the same thing when closing. I need to hit my remote several times to get it to open/close. Why?

As stated above this is usually caused by the sensitivity being off on your garage door opener. This can happen to a newly installed opener as well as an older opener. A SERVICE CALL is usually required.

Why wonít my garage door open?

There are several reasons why your garage door may not open. The first possibility is you could have a broken spring. If the torsion spring (this spring sits above your garage door with a metal rod running though it) or an extension spring (these springs are to the side of the door near the tracks. One on the left and one on the right) breaks it removes all the tension off of the door causing it to become extremely heavy or unable to lift at all. A SERVICE CALL is needed to correct this problem.

The other possibilities may have something to do with your garage door opener. Is the battery dead in your remote? You can check this by activating the door from the wall button. If the door goes up you may need to replace your battery. Please see our TROUBLESHOOTING page for assistance.

The circuit board or brain of your garage door opener may be damaged. This will cause your motor to click but it will not activate the door. This may be caused by wear on the motor or a recent power surge. A SERVICE CALL is needed for this.

Your garage door opener may be caught on a bolt. This will cause your motor to try to work but it is unable to move. A SERVICE CALL is then required.

Why do I have to be directly in front of my garage door to get it to open?

This problem is usually caused by two things. The first reason could be that the range of your remote is a problem. Check your battery first. Unfortunately even if the remote is new to you, the batteries could have been in it for a while. Check our TROUBLESHOOTING page for assistance if needed.

The second reason could be the circuit board/brain of your motor. Please see details above. If your circuit board is bad a SERVICE CALL will be necessary.

The third possibility is a frequency problem. If you have an older motor and live in a certain area, Frederick, parts of Sykesville, your motor could have the same frequency as the US government. This will cause an interference with your frequency causing problems with your door opening and closing. The frequency is not ALWAYS being used so this problem could be sporadic.

What does it mean when the light on my garage door opener blinks?

When your garage door opener light blinks it means that your photo eyes are out of alignment or there is something blocking their reception. Please refer to our TROUBLESHOOTING page for help.

What does it mean when my garage door opener just hums or clicks?

If your garage door opener just hums or clicks when you engage it this is a sign that you have either a bad circuit board, a stripped gear and sprocket or your garage door opener could be stuck on a bolt. All of these issues will require a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE CALL.

How often should I have my garage door serviced?

Your garage door should be serviced yearly unless you are experiencing a specific problem. A good yearly check up on your door should include lubricating the door, springs, hinges, rollers, pulleys, and bearings. It should also include adjusting the spring tension, testing the safety features of the garage door opener and inspecting the rollers, hinges and cables for defects/wear. Lastly, all screws and bolts should be tightened. Generally the fall is a good time of year for maintenance.

Can I add a keyless entry to my existing garage door opener? Can additional remotes be purchased?

Depending upon the age and model of your garage door opener a keyless entry and additional remotes can be added. Please call for details.